Sunday, December 13, 2015

Taking back control

Soup in a jar was prettier than it was tasty :(
I stop weighing myself a week before a marathon, and for a few weeks after because I eat a little more both before and after a big race, then this year I just never got around to weighing myself after Chicago. I finally did last week after I noticed my favorite dress pants aren't fitting the same as they usually do. As of Monday, I was 10.4 pounds over my ideal weight, so I sprung into immediate action and hit The Daily Plate with a vengeance. By Friday I was allegedly down 3.4 pounds, mostly water weight I'm sure. We'll see how well I sustained that over the weekend.

I know what you're thinking - who gets serious about eating healthy and limited quantities right before Christmas? This girl!!!! That's who! :) Let's think logically - Christmas is 3 or 4 meals out of the entire month!!!! 3 meals is no excuse to eat whatever I want for 3 weeks. Besides, I give myself one free meal a week, one time that I can have however much I want of whatever food I want, so long as it's limited to ONE sitting. I'll have my "free" meals when the family has Christmas. Knowing I have the break helps me stay focused when looking at the bland and limited. This week I had 2 diet Cokes, 2 candy bars, chips and salsa, and 2 1/2 tacos. I couldn't finish the 3rd one.... haha It was delish!!!!! And it made me totally ok today eating veggie stir fry for the 6th consecutive day.

I don't like cooking during the week. After an 11 or 12 hour work day, and a run, I want to put forth zero time or effort. It works a whole lot better for me to pre-cook as much as possible on Sunday.

The first week I pre-made 14 meals - 6 stir fry, 4 soup in a jar, and 4 chicken-sweet potato-cous cous. The stir fry was great. The others, not so much.
Fridge week 1 (oatmeal in front)
Here's a pretty sunrise from my kitchen window :)
Fridge week 2 - veggies, pulled pork, rice

Week 2 I'm trying something different. I saw a link on Buzzfeed to a "Make ahead meal plan that anyone can cook." The idea is to prepare as much as possible on Sunday, then use the ingredients to make 5 different meals throughout the week, each taking 15 minutes to prepare with the pre-made ingredients. Each recipe is for 4 servings, I made half of each and can eat one for dinner and the other for lunch the next day. Eating the same thing multiple times a week doesn't faze me one bit.

The Sunday prep was easy. I already had a pork roast that I threw in the slow cooker while I worked. The veggies and perishable ingredients cost $16 and took 40 minutes to prepare and clean up. So far, so good!

Come back tomorrow for my review of meal 1 :)

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