Sunday, December 6, 2015

The redeeming runs

After my cranky weather-induced rant on Tuesday, I bounced back with three killer runs.

Wednesday - it was glorious full sun driving between jobs. I had a few minutes to spare, so I sat in the car, closed my eyes and did my best cat-snoozing-in-the-sunlight impression. I texted my bestie that I couldn't bear to go inside and work in the gloomy lighting, and could I just see the kids in my car? Hah I had the purest intentions, but there is no way to say "come on little child, I'll read you a story in my car" that doesn't sound completely creepy!

By the time I was done working, it had predictably gotten overcast. Yuck!!!! I had already skipped two days though, and I won't skip a third, so I dragged myself outside. It wasn't that cold - low 40s, and the humidity kept it from feeling colder. I always tell myself to do 3 miles and if I hate every second of it, I can stop. I never do though. 6.25 miles at a 9:33 average.

Thursday - scheduled day off to have coffee with the pastor's wife.

Friday - mostly sunny all day! Yay!!!!! A little cold, but the sun helped immensely! I had plans later on, so I had to go immediately after school. I was going to stop at 5.25, but a nice driver backed up from the intersection so I could cross, and I did one more block. 9:44 average.

Saturday - the forecast had been for almost 50 and sunny. Yeah, not so much. It was super foggy and 29. The fog eventually burned off, but it remained cloudy and cold. Did a few dippy errands, then it was getting too dark. Oops :)

Sunday - foggy and cold to start. During church, however, the sun came out! I always want to sing the song from Hair "Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, leeeeeeet the sun shiiiiiiiiine in, the suuuuuun shiiiiiiiine in." Lunch, RUN!!!!!! I haven't done 7 miles in almost a month, so that was my goal. Once I got out there, it was so amazing, and I don't really have a 7 mile route, so I changed it to 8. The weather was amazing and I had nothing but time. After 8, I wasn't quite to my car, so it became 8.25. All the better. 10:00 average. Awesome :D

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