Monday, January 25, 2016

A Trial Run

I haven't run since January 4 and I've been crawling the walls while my weight and resting heart rate both steadily climb. It was sunny and 36 degrees on Sunday. It felt like the day to try a run. Resting and serious home treatment have made minor improvements to my left foot, but the nagging feeling is still there. I know people can and do run with PF, so I figured I'd try. I don't want to waste any more time.

By the time I was ready to run, the sun had gone away, and it was cooler, but that was no problem. I rolled my calves and BioFreezed the sole of my foot. I knew I had to start small. At first I thought perhaps 1 mile run/walk, but it felt so good I went to 2.05, the extra nibble only to get back to my car. Even with the walking, it was around 11-minute mile pace.

98% of my body felt amazing. My left heel didn't. It wasn't unbearable, but I was aware of it on every step.

When I got home I immediately stretched it and iced it. I slept with the boot, I stretched before I got out of bed. It feels so-so. The nagging spot is about the size of a quarter. If I could surgically remove the whole thing, I would. I'm so frustrated and annoyed :(


  1. Have you tried the golf ball I mentioned? I always found not running made it worse. After awhile I thought of it as a 6 month cramp/sore muscle that I just had to slowly stretch and roll away. Its no fun, but do not give up!


    1. I like your idea of thinking of it as a cramp/sore muscle. Neither of those would sideline me, I'd learn how to run through it! Yes to the golf ball. I carry one in my purse and roll at work, at school, in the car...