Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chicago lottery 2016 - the good, the bad

Chicago announced their entry plans for 2016. The lottery is basically the same as the past two years - entry opens in mid-March and closes in mid-April, then the drawing is held. Looking at the their dates, it closes on the 12th and entry is a week later. That means the 19th, right? That happens to be my birthday - best birthday present????? (They haven't announced the actual date of the drawing yet, just that it's a week later.)

Then I kept reading and found this little nugget: This entry opportunity [guaranteed entry for legacy runners] is only available during the 2016 application window. Following the 2016 application window, it will no longer be an option to apply as a legacy finisher.

Boooooo!!!!!!!! So frustrating!!!! I'm already 60% there, and had 7 years to finish twice more. Looking at the odds, I was all but guaranteed to secure my status. So disappointing!

I have a plan B though, if Chicago doesn't pick me - the Air Force marathon in September and the Queen Bee half marathon in Cincinnati the day before Chicago. The Flying Pig folks put on the QB and they do excellent races. I've never been able to do the QB though because I've been in Chicago.

Plan B is good, but Chicago is still plan A, even if it doesn't move me up to 80% legacy status :(

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