Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dealing with it now

I had a great run on December 26 - 7.25 "easy" miles that felt amazing. My left foot has been bothering me ever since. Running didn't really make it worse, and resting made it only marginally better. I managed short distances, but the Hansons program is looming.

A woman I know from work was side-lined over a year with plantar fascitis. The principal at the same school has been out four months and counting. Please let it not be that!!! Yet at the same time, if it is, let me treat it right away and not let it get any worse.

Two weeks of home treatments didn't make any significant improvement, so I actually went and saw a doctor. I typically treat just about everything at home, but once it interferes with running for so long - time for help!!!

I saw Dr. Susan King at The Foot Institute in Belleville and she was wonderful!!! Yes, it's the dreaded PF, but she never once discouraged me from running the Piggie. She said we'd find a way to make it pain free for me. Basically I've been doing everything right - cut down on miles, no speed work, stretch, ice. She suggested stronger orthotics. Evidently they wear out after a year or so, so the pair I got in 2012 is essentially worthless. I picked them up after work and have been wearing ever since. Neither job cares if I wear gym shoes every day, so one of my new pairs of Mizunos has become my everyday shoes. I had previously decided no heels until after the race - they tighten the calves and it's not worth it! The guy at the running store advised next time I buy shoes to get a design with a firmer arch support built in, seems reasonable.

If it isn't better in 3-4 weeks, Dr. King and I will talk about more serious treatment options, for example steroid injections. Since it's a progressive condition, it was good that I'm addressing it before it gets super bad.

Years ago, I dated a guy who called me a pretty pretty princess. I thought it was hilarious. The whole time I was at the office, I felt every bit the princess, seeking medical help for something that most people would ignore. If it only hurts when you run.... First world problems... Yet it was interfering with my daily life, and would start affecting my mental health pretty soon! At no point did the doctor or her staff make fun of me for getting help with a minor pain. On a scale of 1-10, it was a 2 at most, typically a 1, but it was preventing normal running!!!! and I just can't have that!

She cleared me to run sensibly once it stops hurting. Start short and slow, don't push through agonizing pain, listen to my body. You know, all the things runners never do! haha

The weather has been wretched the past several days, so I'm not devastated to not be outside running. I figure if I can maintain my muscle mass (? that doesn't seem like the right word) and my cardiovascular capability, as long as I'm running consistently by the first of March, I can finish the Pig. It's a good thing it's not my first rodeo!


  1. UGH..PF.you Yup that sucks, But I live that went to the DR's. It helps to clear up what you usually already know!
    BTW, BE checking in the mail for your goodie box, It is getting mailed tomorrow.
    Keep Healing. So are you running Martian? We both already signed up. Joan picked it based on her wedding and because it is close to home!

    1. Looking forward to getting the mail!!!! I'm registered for the Martian, have every intention of completing it...

  2. As I fellow marathoner I know PF is no fun. I had my sports med Dr tell me to use a golf ball and roll it under my foot several times a day. I did it in the morning and evenings when eating breakfast/dinner at the table, or if I was on the computer. Just roll it firm across the heel to mid foot and back over and over for 10-15min a day, plus lots of calf stretching, and rolling every day. I now foam roll, and stretch twice a day. It makes a world of a difference when doing high mileage. It made my Ironman training last year a lot less painful. Best of luck!


    1. Thanks for the tips! It seems like something I'll have to manage for the rest of my running life. Awesome job on the IM!!!!