Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's a pain

Last Saturday I had an amazing 7.25 mile run. It hurt a little - when does it ever feel like rainbows to run 7+ miles....? Nothing worse than normal, no pain per se, just the feeling of my body working hard. It was a tiny bit longer than most of my runs had been, but jumping from 5 or 6 to 7 isn't anything note-worthy.

When I woke up on Sunday, though, my left foot didn't want to hold any weight. I had to hop and shuffle to the bathroom then to the table for work. I did a few stair stretches and eventually it felt so-so.

Then the sun came out for 10 minutes, so of course I ran! Duh, who wouldn't??? My foot was a tad bit sore at the start, but I ran through it, and it never got worse.

Monday morning, my left foot didn't want to hold any weight. I had to hop and shuffle to the bathroom then to the table for work. I did a few stair stretches and eventually it felt so-so.

At that point I started to think about resting it a tiny bit. A tiny bit eventually became the longest 5 days of the year. I was obviously resting it, I also tried ice, heat, stair stretches, rolling it on a baseball, the foam roller, a frozen ice bottle. I tried massage, ibuprofen, and a vibrating massager (which despite what BuzzFeed might say, it's for muscles. Don't be vulgar!)

Unfortunately Dr. Google has no consistent advice. I don't think it's plantar fascitis (pinch your Achilles, if you're screaming in agony, it's pf. I was fine). I don't think it's a heel spur (dig your thumb into the center of the heel, if you're screaming in agony, it's a spur). The advice is completely contradictory (wear flats, don't wear complete flats. Wear five finger shoes, wear sturdy shoes, do stair stretches, don't stair stretches. Wth Dr. Google?), but the one thing everyone agreed on was use orthotics. When I saw the DMC sports doctor about my hip, he recommended trying them, so I have a pair kicking around that I've been using.

Several years ago one of my feet was bothering me similarly and I asked my yoga teacher / chiropractor to give me some good stretches. She diagnosed it that my arch was falling due to age and there wasn't really anything I could do. I'm thinking it's the same thing. The pain is in the arch and where the arch meets the heel. I'm also thinking perhaps I should see a podiatrist. I'd love to be "cured" and "fixed," but in truth I'm more looking for a professional to say "You're fine to run." Isn't that always the goal :D

By Saturday I was climbing the walls. Then this small orb appeared in the sky, and all the people looked up in amazement. Was it martians??? The war of the world??? No, we figured it out later - it was SUN!!!!!!!! (I really really really hate winter in Michigan).

Late afternoon I bundled up and took myself to the track. Resting wasn't fixing anything and every day I felt a little worse knowing I was losing my lung capacity, knowing my resting heart rate was creeping up. I couldn't handle another day of rest, when it wasn't accomplishing anything! I thought the track might be easier because it's softer than the street. Plus, no dogs, and if it got dark, that's ok too. Bill and I ran there in the dark one night with head lamps haha It's boring, but boring > nothing.

The first mile I did:
lap 1 - walk 100, run 100, walk 100, run 100
lap 2 - walk 100, run 200, walk 100
lap 3 - run 300, walk 100
lap 4 - run 300, walk 100

Then I ran a second mile.

It felt ok, not great, no better or worse after. I iced it immediately.

I woke up Sunday and feel ok. Not screaming in agony, able to walk. We'll see. Might call up a foot dr. Monday morning. I squirrel away money into my HSA every payday then never use it, so it's not like I'd pay anything out of pocket. I just want to be running here, people!

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