Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meet Sully

My parents each gave me a few dollars for Christmas. What else do you give your adult child who doesn't need or want anything? At first I was saving it for the Chicago marathon entry fee, then my foot got in the way of running, and I thought "hmmm I should get a spin bike." Then I thought, "nah, I'd never use it." And why not??? I enjoy biking, but I don't have my street bike here because I live in the ghetto and don't have a car carrier to take it anywhere. I rarely stationary bike either because the gym is 10-15 minutes each way and it's not worth it for a 30-minute ride.

I like biking though, and spin bikes are a lot cheaper than I expected, so I perused Amazon, read the reviews, read the questions and answers and clicked "check out." Bikes were available for $100 less, but I'm not exactly petite or dainty, and the smaller frame might have been too small. This was a purchase that wasn't going back unless it was defective, so I got the larger frame, which was a good decision.

There's no display screen, which is fine. It's one less thing to break. I don't really care about the cadence or miles or anything, I've been using YouTube videos or tracking by time. I can use my gps watch if I want to monitor my heart rate.

Shipping would have been $46, but I opted for free shipping, obviously, even though it could take up to a week to arrive. It arrived in two days. Nice :) The box was 112 pounds. The UPS man delivers to my neighborhood between 5-5:30 pm, so I planned to be home and ask him to bring the box right in the house.

Why did Amazon text me at 11:15 am that my package had been delivered??? Sigh, he put it behind the bench on the porch, but it was on me to get it inside. I thought about asking my neighbor to bring it in, then I flexed my muscles and got it in through tilting and a little dragging. I couldn't pick up a bulky 112 box!

I have a tendency to name things that need not be named. Meet Sully, a good solid name for someone who's going to whip me into shape :)

It's good to be the adult of the house - Sully is in the front room, right next to the couch. If I look slightly right, I can watch my computer, slightly left is the tv. Why would I banish myself to the basement???

It's not the same as running, not even close, but I can get a little cardio and a few endorphins. So far I've watched TriJake on YouTube, which is a good start.

Now instead of going to the gym and being irritated at someone who's riding "my" bike, I can stay home and think, "Yep, that's MY bike." Always available, always the right settings. Merry Christmas to my health :D

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