Thursday, January 7, 2016

Terrific Tuesday!

Tuesday was cold cold cold! Like, bone chilling, avoid being outside cold! Then, eventually after work, it crept up to 24 degrees. It was SUN SUN SUNNY, so it didn't feel anywhere near that cold. At least until the wind whipped across the fields with a wind chill around 11 degrees. Everything logical said to go home, put on my pjs and have some quality downtime with kitty napping on my legs.

When has running ever been logical though?

It was sunny and the ground wasn't covered with snow - I can dress for the cold. Besides, cold and sunny trumps the treadmill any day of the week.

I went back to the high school, still on the assumption that the softer track would bother my foot less than the sidewalk/street would. I had survived 3.1 miles on Sunday, so I figured I'd shoot for 4 on Tuesday. (See above note about running not being logical. My foot hurt - why was I still running??? (cuz I love it!!!))

Round and round and round I went. I tend to find a good amount of coins while I run, but never anything at the track. Yet just as I was thinking that, I looked down from lane 8, and there, halfway trapped under the fence, a $5 bill!!! Yay!!!!

Later on, a man who was maybe in his 50s was out riding his bike. He was on the paved track around the park, biked close to the track and said "That's a nice pace you're maintaining there."

"Thanks!!" I said. Was that the right response? I did an 11+ first mile warm-up (run/walk), then 10:19, 10:17, 10:01. I wasn't trying for any specific pace, set it and forget it!

I ran some more. Between the sun and the $$ it was an all-around great day! 4.25 miles felt great! Plus I wore a new pair of socks from RunnerSanta - light pink with unicorns, robots and cupcakes climbing my legs :D

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