Thursday, February 18, 2016

45 hours later

I had the cortisone injection 45 hours ago. I'M STILL WAITING FOR IT TO KICK IN!!!! To say I'm frustrated and annoyed is like saying a hurricane is a "slight wind storm." Stretching, icing, rolling, massaging. NOTHING IS WORKING and it's supposed to be 50 and sunny on Saturday. FML.
It's now been 53 hours. Still not working.

The only other time I had a pain injection was when I broke my finger on my 15th birthday (tripped over a hurdle at track meet - oops). It was dislocated in all three knuckles. I told the doctor to just relocate it, but he gave me 4 injections. I felt every bit of the relocation, then after my dad finished the insurance paperwork, got the car and we were halfway home, only then did my hand go numb. Maybe I just have an extremely delayed reaction to pain shots??

Why do people keep telling me "when I had one, it kicked in immediately." Or "when my husband had one, he felt better instantly." Gee thanks...

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