Friday, February 19, 2016

79 Hours

Aside from the brief flare up on Tuesday afternoon, I'd never know I had a cortisone shot. It hasn't done anything!!! NOTHING!!! Every morning, regardless of how early it is, or how much I need to use the restroom, I take 2-3 minutes to stretch my heel and put on my running shoes before I get out of bed. Every time I optimistically think "It has to be better, right? Today's the day I feel the drugs."

Than I take one step on my left foot and the whole day is downhill from there. I play act when I'm out in the world, but oftentimes at home I'm either enraged and screaming, or I'm crying.

Then I remind myself that people have real problems, and I'm in agony because I can't run comfortably? If it were anyone else, I'd tell my bestie "waaaah, boo ^&ing hoo, poor baby can't run?? Poor thing!!!!" (that's not nice of me. God and pastor's wife (friend) wouldn't approve). First world problem if I ever heard of one. Then I feel even worse about being so upset. In the grand scheme, I have a really good life, but a huge part of said life has been ripped away from me, and it's affecting my mental and physical health.

My 60-year old gf who never minces words said matter of factly that Dr. King didn't do it right. Either it was the wrong spot or she didn't go deep enough or she didn't give me enough drug. I called the office to find out what we do now. Can I have another? Is there a different shot? How do we fix this bc obv it didn't work, and I'm not going to pay my bill and pretend everything is fine. Allegedly they're open until 4, but I left a message before 2 that was never returned. Will call again tomorrow, they're open on Saturdays.

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