Monday, February 15, 2016

Biting the Bullet

I've resisted steroid injections on my PF. My thought was that it would enable me to run in the short term, but could / would make the long term cure take much longer, obv being healthy and able to run long term is more important than running short term.


I'm not getting any better. If anything, it's getting worse. 7 miles on Saturday destroyed my foot and eradicated any gains I had made over 7 long weeks of treatment since it first flared up.

I can't run further than 3 miles without being sidelined for multiple days.

Home treatment isn't working.

I feel like a big part of not injecting was so I would be able to run Chicago (long term). Yet, that's based on two huge assumptions. Nothing in the world says I'll be picked in the lottery. Just because I won the past two years doesn't mean anything this year. Furthermore, there's no guarantee my foot would heal naturally by then. I keep reading and hearing horror stories of people struggling with PF for years.

The thing that makes me happy is preventing me from doing the thing that makes me happy.

If I could feel better tomorrow.... why wouldn't I???

So I called Dr. King and I see her Tuesday morning. I know the injections aren't a cure, that the problem is still present, they're only masking it. I'll still have to do my rolling, stretching, icing, everything, but I can run while doing it!!!! And yes, I know to build the mileage slowly, no jumping back into the full Hansons program! No 15-milers this weekend! But someday! Sooner than later!!!

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