Sunday, February 21, 2016

I don't know anything

I ran 3.1 at the track yesterday. The pain during and after were consistent with my shorter runs. This morning I didn't really feel any worse, but I sure didn't feel any better.

I had to work this morning - from home. While waiting for the project manager to sign off on my newsletter, I searched "acupuncture plantar fasciitis" because I'm beyond the point of conventional ideas, yes?

An average first visit costs over $100 and it can take months to work. If it takes months, I can just rest for free. Or I can see my yoga teacher (chiropractor) for $35 a visit if I want to explore alternative health.

I came across an article on The Huffington Post, in which one doctor in England recommended to one patient that she wear heels for PF. Flats weren't working for me, so why not? I wore my beautiful blue heels - 2" - to church and it felt pretty good. I know it's not a long term solution because heels shift the weight from the heel to the forefoot, but that's exactly what I wanted today - get the weight off my heel! More problematically, heels tighten and shrink the calf muscles, so really, I can't do this forever! I know this! In the meantime, heels force a shorter stride length, so there's no possible over striding.

My foot felt maybe a tiny better after church, certainly not worse, so I did the smart thing and biked. Why strain it again for a few piddly miles?

Then I read another article (I'm obsessed, ok?) which recommended men with PF wear sturdy oxford type shoes. And I started to wonder.

OMG! Light bulb! Neon sign! Eureka!!!!


They have a nice mesh top that breathes and allows sweat to wick off. The trade off is that my toes have a ton of wiggle room. Yes, including room to wiggle up and down. Am I running with my toes arched up???

This could be a foot changing realization!! Never mind the four brand new pairs of Mizunos that collectively have less than 20 miles on them, would different shoes fix this???

Road trip to Ann Arbor Running Company after work on Tuesday!!!

Until then - sturdy heels! So what if I'm 6'3" all week? I want heels to alleviate the Achilles, and the sturdiest ones I have that don't bend anywhere in the sole. Yet, no more than 2" tall. Yes, I have a ton of options to meet this criteria. Good thing I collected shoes for so many years lol :D

Another little factoid that got into my brain years ago from something I read is that ladies really shouldn't wear gym shoes or flip flops because they allow our feet to widen and flatten. Why have I been wearing running shoes exclusively since Christmas??? Ladies should wear well structured dress shoes to keep their feet properly shaped! (and arches where they belong! Not falling down like melted ice cream!)

This is so exciting! Did I really and truly figure it out????

The cruel irony is that walking on my heel and arch was so unbelievably painful after last week's 7-miler that I subconsciously walked on the outside of my foot, so that hurts now too, right underneath the pinky toe. I might get a 30-minute deep-tissue massage this week for my calf and foot. Just ignore the crying and gasping and whimpering sounds....

My foot has been in a bucket of ice water (colder than straight ice) for 14 minutes here and I'm about to jump out of my skin! Worst pain of the day. Come on baby, make it hurt so good!

Update: Monday morning. Wore the heels until bedtime, put them on first thing. Working from home in sweat pants, white socks and blue heels - that's a look!!!! Still stretching, rolling, massaging. Foot hasn't felt this good since December!!!! Hope!!!!!!!!!!!

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