Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Resting wasn't helping the PF improve at all.

The other alternative was to try every possible remedy and eventually something would work. I think in business terms, this is known as "keep throwing ideas at the wall until something sticks."

I ran 18+ miles last week, perhaps a bit much for my first week "back," but the individual runs were all short. On Saturday I bumped it up to 6 miles (ok 6.2 because I like race distances). It felt ok, not perfect, my foot was taped to within an inch of losing circulation, and I was aware of it every step of the run. I finished though and didn't feel any worse after.

I did all my maintenance methods, woke up Sunday and felt significantly better. Monday I didn't even notice my foot!!!!! As quickly as the PF came on, it disappeared!!!! (Shout out to Bitly compression socks, which I've been wearing around the clock, even in place of the boot!)

Now I rebuild and get serious about the Flying Pig. Speed work and tempo runs are still off the table for a few more weeks (my choice, not the Hansons'). I ran 4 days last week, I'll do 5 this week, then 6. Then I'll start increasing the distances to what the Hansons recommend. My lung capacity took a hit, but it's coming back quickly.

Everything is coming together!!!


  1. YEAH!! back in the Saddle AGAIN!! Be careful!

    1. You mean go slow and short distance? Listen to my body and stop when it hurts? Who does that??? ;)

  2. Wahoo! Keep stretching and rolling. If your PF went away that quickly, you're in luck. Keep up the strength building and enjoy the yourself!


    1. Thanks, It comes and goes. I figure the treatment / maintenance will be my daily routine at least through May 1 #tedious