Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sullen sunday

It's 64 degrees and sunny.

I can't run.

Need I say any more?

I did a pathetic 2-mile walk at the track because my cat said I had to leave the house. Wore the Hokas and concentrated on keeping my big toes flat against the soles, not letting them raise and accentuate the arch with every step. Slow jogged the last 100 meters and immediately my foot felt like hell. Soaking it in a bucket of ice and water. Nothing is helping. Why do I keep bothering? I thought for sure I'd be training by March 1. That will be Tuesday and I feel no better than I did in December. So angry and defeated. FML.

I'm just DONE. NOTHING is helping it, so I'm DONE! No more stretching, no more heat and massage, no more soaking in ice until my foot is blue, no more rolling, no more menthol rub, no more biofreeze, no more liniment cream, no more compression socks, no more night splint, no more being consumed by what shoes I'm wearing. I'm just DONE!

I increasingly find myself feeling infuriated with people who CAN run, just choose not to. Do they have ANY idea what I would give to be able to run?????

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