Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The immediate effect

I saw Dr. King this morning. We reviewed everything I've been doing, and she confirmed that I've been doing everything right. It's not working though, so we agreed to go ahead with the cortisone injection. She said it usually lasts a few months and she'll do another before the Flying Pig if it helps but is fading by them, yet I can't become dependent on them and she limits how many a person can have. Reading between the lines - "I'll drug you through May 1, but no further." I have the same basic mentality, get me through the Piggie then I don't know. Hopefully I'm one of these people who only needs a single injection and it will have improved before I need another.

I like to think I have a high pain tolerance. I had 2 fillings removed and redone without any novocaine (or anything), I once home-surgery removed a broken needle from inside my foot. Heck, I've run 21 marathons. I'm stronger than pain, yes? Yes!!! I'm a woman, aren't I????

Omg it HURT!!!!!!! It's the most painful thing I've ever had done!!! She hit the injection site with a cold spray to numb it, and said I would feel a slight pinch when the needle went in. The "slight pinch" wasn't terrible, but it felt like the needle was in my foot forever and I could feel the cortisone going in drip by drip. Aaaaaaach!!!!!! It was awful!!!!

Somehow I kept my left foot relaxed, but my right foot was squenched up in a tight ball, my hands were gripping the arm rests and I think I was grinding my teeth, with my eyes squeezed tight - I never watch injections. It was horrible!!! 

She said there's a numbing agent in the syringe along with the cortisone and many people feel better immediately. Not this girl! It didn't feel any different. I drove home and took a little nap with kitty.

Still not better.

Getting worse.

She cautioned me, as did Dr. Google, that some people experience a "flare," where the injection site feels worse for 24-48 hours. Yes, that's me. The injection site is a little puffy and extremely tender. Now I wait it out.

She said I can run 3 miles tomorrow if it feels better and slowly build from there. She said I can bike tonight, but I don't think that's the best idea. Rest and ice are all my foot want right now.

I'm super impatient because this HAS to work. It was my last resort and if it doesn't work, I have be realistic with myself about the spring, and accept that my races probably won't happen. It HAS to work!!!!! I've never not done a race I entered and I can't start now! Yet I can't run 36 miles in Cincy if only 7 destroyed my foot and had me hobbling. I'm supposed to run the 4-way for the 4th time! I need to keep that streak going! (Cincinnati makes a huge to-do about "streakers." Besides, it's an incredibly fun weekend!!!!)

(If by chance it doesn't work, she said some people benefit from physical therapy. My former yoga teacher said she's done chiropractic manipulations and helped it, that it can stem from a pelvic imbalance. Dr. King wasn't a huge advocate of either approach - they might work, might not. I can pursue if I want. I can't afford either.)

Will my religious readers pray for me? Light a candle, talk to the saints, whatever you do.

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