Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I've been wearing well structured heels almost around the clock since Sunday and my foot has legitimately been feeling better, no pain to speak of, just the annoyance and inconvenience of maintaining it. My feet have been maintained in their natural position, not free to widen and flop, heels keep my stride length shorter and everything is good.

I stopped by Ann Arbor Running Company with my old Mizuno18s and my really old 13s to show Zachary / Nick how I wear out my running shoes (always a great idea when buying new running shoes). I knew what I was looking for, but Mizuno hasn't made the gray Rider 13 in many years. Aside from that, I wanted a shoe with more stability through the sole, and a smaller, more constrained toe box.

 I came home with some particularly hideous purple Hokas that can be returned within a week or so if they don't work. It's Tuesday, historically no exercise Tuesday, but it was 37 and sunny!!! Allegedly there's a "major winter storm" coming, although plenty of forecasts dismiss that. Regardless, sun + new shoes = running!!

I went to the track for the softer surface. For the first lap I was simultaneously laughing, hollering and crying - IT DIDNT HURT!!!! Soon enough I started to feel a cramp in the arch, so I stopped after a sensible 3.10 miles. By the time I got home, it was really cramped. Ice soak before a shower, then heat, massage, stretch, roll. It's getting so tedious!

There was a group of 20+ high school kids at the track running 200 meters, then walking the rest of the lap. Every fiber in my legs and heart and lungs was dying to pull up alongside them and race them (of course it's a race! You're running next to me on the track? We're racing!) but I was sensible and mature and responsible and stayed in lane 8 slowly motoring along. There's no speed work on my agenda for a long long time. I'm trying to run through this, not tear anything or strain it beyond repair. Being an adult can be such a drag sometimes :(


  1. I LOVE it, OF course its a race! So darn true. I stayed off the track today because I would have been smoked by Grand Blancs track team! I'm not worthy! LOL

    1. I was so happy the day I shadowed the boys cross country team on a training run lol best feeling ever!! :D