Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Willful Wednesday

My foot was back to its old game this morning. I stretched and massaged it before getting out of bed, but it still didn't want to bear weight comfortably. While I worked I wore good shoes, stretched it, massaged it, rolled it, heat, ice blah blah blah In the moment everything feels good, but only lasts until I walk a single step.

I added in a new part to the regimen today - calf rolling. There is no definitive cause for PF and therefore no known cure, aside from time. Tight calves may or may not be a contributing factor. The foam roller was too big, golf ball and baseball much too hard, and tennis ball too soft. Time for the ghetto massage tools - grandma's rolling pin covered with 1/8" foam wrap lol It hurt a little, then I soaked it in Epsom salt. Wore the hideous Hokas to work.

After work I had a GroupOn for a reflexology session. I had never gone before and Sandra was wonderful. It was super relaxing and didn't hurt or tickle. She loosened a huge pop in the mid foot area. She sees and works on feet all day and thought mine might be on the back side (nearing it's end). I sure hope so! I don't really adhere to the ideas of chakras and voodoo healing, but at the same time, it can't hurt. If nothing else, it was an amazing 40-minute foot and calf massage. I'll go back :)

My foot feels irritated again, like always, but I'm just going to leave it alone for the rest of the night. I tend to be of the mindset that if stretching and massaging once or twice a day is good, 17 times must be better, yes? Maybe I'm irritating the spot by constantly fussing with it. I'll leave it alone tonight, break up the scar tissue once tomorrow, then see how it feels on Friday.

The new plan that I hate, yet I can deal with is to do a hard cardio bike session with hottie TriJake 5x a week, then on the 6th day try a sad little 5k run to see how my foot is feeling. When I do it right, biking is cardiovascularly harder than easy runs. Plus, Nick / Zach at the running store said once the pain subsides, I'll regain my miles quickly and easily. Something else hopeful he said was that as quickly and suddenly as I felt the PF, it'll just stop. I trust lifelong runners on such matters more than anyone else.


  1. MUSCLE MEMORY! Don't get discouraged, Stay as active as you can on the bike. Bring up the intensity. You will get there. And your gonna have a 6 pack too!

    1. Haha not quite. I like food too much!! :)