Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bad Combination

Wednesday. My foot wasn't super painful, the weather was good, short runs on Saturday and Monday didn't make things any worse. I had to try again, yes? You gotta get up and try and try and try.

Clown shoes...
The weather was great - upper 50s and partly sunny. It was too hot for pants, but too cool for a skirt, perfect to wear the tri-shorts. Likewise, it wasn't warm enough for bare legs, so I wore knee socks. Plus I love the look of shorts and knee socks :D

RunnerSanta brought me a super cute pair of socks with "cameow" designs. They're from Sock it to Me, which makes super cute socks, although they're thinner than the cushy SmartWool I usually buy. I've certainly worn them plenty of times though without any problems.

Marie said to wear the Hokas until I can run pain free.

I've been taping my arch to provide extra support. I was out of athletic tape, so I used Hello Kitty duct tape, which I've done numerous times without any problems.

It felt so amazing! I took it slow so I could enjoy it longer :) I was thrilled to realize my cardiovascular capacity was still there. Granted I wasn't going super fast and hitting anaerobic training, but a steady pace felt good, felt great for my joints, felt great for my heart and lungs, felt amazing for my mental health :D

At mile 2.8 though, my feet started feeling rubbed. Wth??? I was over a mile from the car and it was a little uncomfortable, but I finished.

Got home, took off the shoes to ice my left foot and there was a huge cut! Dang!!!! It's where the tape bordered the foot, so perhaps I taped too tight? Although the right foot, which was untaped, was tender and rubbed in the same spot. This is gross, but I put the flap of skin back in place and covered it with a bandage, hoping it'll reseal itself.

Lesson learned: Hokas require thicker socks. If I want the cutesy socks, they need sturdy SmartWool footies underneath. The Mizunos seem fine with thin socks. The one positive was that I made this discovery on a short run, not 2 miles into a half!

BTW, I'm looking for a job. I have experience in education, professional training and news analysis. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Seriously, if anyone knows of anything, let me know!!!

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