Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I Miss the Misery

It's Tuesday (historically no-exercise Tuesday). It's 48 degrees and we haven't seen the sun since Saturday. Obviously everything about this scenario makes me so desperate to go run!!!!! The worst thing is that I CAN run, I just know it'll hurt tomorrow and eradicate any gains I created (or didn't). It's entirely possible I won't run again until the Martian half on April 9. I'm so bored with biking. I need endorphins. Nita posted about the amount of thinking that gets done on a run, and I totally agree. Even having the same time, quiet time, whatever, quality thinking doesn't happen like it does on a run.

Some thoughts from my "retirement song" to reflect my attitude about running today. (Note, it's all completely out of context, helps if you personify running)

I miss the bad things
The way you hate me
I miss the screaming
And the things you do to me

I love the way that it hurts

I don't miss you, I miss the misery
I'd rather fight than just fake it 

I miss the feeling of pains in my chest

I like the kick in the face
I've tried but I just can't take it
Leaves me a mess
I miss the misery

NEVER AGAIN will I say I HAVE to run, because I don't. I CHOOSE to, and until December 27, I'd been blessed with the ability to do so whenever I wanted. My body would have run forever, it was my wimpy brain limiting the possibilities. Sad. Cranky. I miss the misery :(


  1. Great news, its an INJURY not the end of the world. Good runners get INJURIES! It is part of your racing and running career. If you never got an injury I would wonder more! I REALLY hope to see you at Martian!

    1. You're right. You know what it's like though, especially when the weather gets nice :(

    2. Its the WORSE when the weather gets nice :(