Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Misdiagnosis Monday?

The students I teach are in the midst of a big testing window. I get them started, then just monitor them and I don't have a ton of actual work to do right now. So I read.

In the course of Monday's reading, I all but confirmed something I suspected weeks ago - I don't think I actually have plantar fasciitis. I now have a name for what I think is really ailing me - plantar fasciosis, a degenerative wear condition caused from repeated stress. I'd say 5000+ miles on concrete constitutes repeated stress. The gorgeous blue Mizunos weren't really helping either - too much of a toe raise, too high of a drop from the heel to the forefoot.

Plantar fasciosis is the body's attempt to prevent further damage by producing scar tissue. I probably already had fasciitis, never realized it, and this is how my body tried to protect itself. It explains why the cortisone had zero effect, why the fasciitis methods worked for a quick minute, then never again - there's no inflammation!!!! Why have we been treating something that doesn't exist?

I guess that's good news. The bad - there's no real cure. Use heat to increase blood flow, do foot strengthening exercises. I found a few really good holistic foot care sites that recommend "toe spacers" to align the feet in their proper shape without being compressed by shoes. They're available online for $60, or this girl went to the $1 store and bought a pedicure set just for the toe spacers. On Tuesday I wore my Vibrams around the house all night - zero arch support, and my feet feel better than they have all week. Although they felt great last week when I wore dress shoes with heels. These holistic doctors argue against orthotics, that they weaken the arches by constantly propping them up, and not allowing the arch to do its own job. That makes sense. They weren't helping me in any discernible way.

Bill reached out to one of his BQ runner friends who owns a run coaching business. I want to meet with her for a new client consultation. I want her to look at my feet, look at my legs, look at the 5 pairs of shoes I bring, watch me walk, watch me run, measure my legs to make sure they're the same length, then design a program specific to me. Dr. King will write me a prescription for physical therapy - does Marie think it would help? If so, can she just show me the exercises they would recommend? I probably should have done this in 2009 before my first marathon, but at the time, I never ever ever would have predicted running would become such a huge part of my life.

Here are the links I found most helpful:

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