Monday, March 7, 2016

More Monday

I haven't done anything to "fix" my foot all weekend. I wore sturdy shoes to work, doc marten types, not gym shoes, not heels, just a solid shoe. My foot has felt ok. Not great, but I get the occasional first few steps where it doesn't hurt, then I'm reminded, oh yeah, there's the pain :( It's weird because the heel isn't bothering me so much now, it seems to have moved to the top of my foot, Dr. Google says possible tendinitis there too. Maybe my shoes are laced too tight, perhaps doing foot strengthening exercises while wearing shoes wasn't a great strategy. I'm a mess.

Then it was 67 and sunny and the weather was just taunting me. I'd rather it be cold and snowing now if I can't be outside to enjoy it.

After work the weather was still soooooo nice. I got out the menthol rub and massaged my foot then my calf. There is a knot in my left calf that I worked for a good while with massage and rolling. I can't fuss with it forever though, so I had to let it be. It's hard to roll the calf because I can't get enough weight on that part of my body. The quads are easier for example, because I can balance the majority of my body weight there and exert a ton of pressure. Not so much with the calves.

I went out for a sad little run/walk. My heel felt so so. The top of my foot was discomfortable the entire time. I tried taking smaller steps, it didn't make a difference.

100 crunches after. A stronger core can only help with the running.

I see Marie the running coach tomorrow for a new runner consultation. I already have 5 pairs of shoes packed for her to evaluate. Just tell me what to do!!!

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