Monday, March 21, 2016

Untenable Relief

Over the weekend I went on a crazy stupid long road-trip to Iowa then home by way of Springfield, Illinois. I spent all weekend sitting in the car. Why was my foot pain excruciating by Sunday afternoon? It made NO sense whatsoever!! Rest while wearing the Mizunos = agony? I don't get it.

I had 3 last Salsalate pills (NSAIDs) so I took all three, to no relief. A few hours later I met an old friend for burgers and a beer. We sat and chatted for two hours, then when I stood up to leave, I paused a second to fully register the moment - my foot didn't hurt!!!!!!!!! There was no feeling of a small knife being wedged in the heel, so sensation of a deep purple bruise on the top. I walked to the door, still no pain. I walked to my car - no pain!!!!! Whee!!!! Meanwhile my liver was screaming for mercy... (For what it's worth, I had switched to the Hokas by this point because the Mizunos smelled like sweaty feet ewww)

This morning it feels alright. Not cured, but not agony either. Hmmm Drink a beer then run the Pig??? This is ponderous man, really ponderous.... (It's no worse than my current idea of having someone KT tape me at the expo and carrying a bottle of numbing spray, stopping every few miles to reapply)


  1. Your cracking me up Michelle!

  2. During my PF I had bouts of severe pain and tightness to days when I felt no pain at all. Many times I would wake up in the morning and my foot and calf would be so tight I could not walk and I was stand next to my bed stretching my calf because I could not even walk to the bathroom my foot was so tight. I would walk and stretch all morning, rolling my gold ball on the bottom of my foot. Then during work, (I worked outside) it walked alot, and it was painful then. The only time it honestly felt better was when I ran. Running helped stretch out my Planter tendon and for an hour after I ran my foot would feel the best it had all day, then the post run tightness would set in and I was back to limping.

    It went on like that for several months and then little by little, it lessened until I was pain free. From onset to symptom free it was about 7-8 months. My actual down time was from the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta on 4th of July till the end of August. Then I started running again. I did a lot of strength building and cycling when I could.

    Hang in there, Don't focus on the day to day, its like looking at your 401K and complaining that it isn't growing from one day to the next. Look at it over a period of weeks, and months.


    1. Great comparison! Although I look at my stock portfolio pretty much every single day...