Monday, April 25, 2016

Toledo - Meeting expectations

I've done the Toledo marathon three times. It's close enough, it's fairly cheap, and the course is good and flat. I've scaled back on doing full marathons on consecutive weekends though, and I love Cincinnati so much more, so I registered for the Toledo half this year, way back before my foot betrayed me.

Like the Martian, I had no business running it, but it's close, it was already paid for, and I haven't skipped a race yet that I had registered for. Besides, my foot hurts whether I'm running or doing nothing. It was all about having reasonable expectations. Way back when, I envisioned running with the 1:50 pace team. That became hoping to finish under 2:30.

I was woefully unprepared for the race, obviously, so it made no difference what I did short term. I wound up having a glass of wine and staying up until midnight on Saturday, then waking before my alarm, which gave me a big 4 hours of sleep. Then I realized I didn't really have anything to eat. I ate half a bran muffin, foregoing the calories (energy) in the other half, not wanting a bathroom stop mid-race.

Always wear a Chicago shirt!!!
It was 40s and full sun - perfect!!!! The start and finish lines were different this year due to construction at the stadium on the University of Toledo campus. No biggie. In past years the half runners went into the nature park, then turned left on the path. This year we turned before the park. It wasn't a fabulous course, nor was it terrible. Along the way I passed a lot of "Happy Birthday Michelle B." signs that were obviously meant for me :)

The first 8 miles felt great, then everything started hurting and I had ZERO energy. Oh well. I finished in 2:25:35. Could I have made it under 2:25? Yes. I had wanted to stay under 2:30, so it was ok.

I finished 186/286 in my age group and 1067/1645 among women. Not terrible considering the absolute lack of training. Although the winner of the men's marathon finished before me. That sure has a way of humbling me :D

When they shared a photo of the medals online months ago, I wasn't impressed. Then I saw a few finishers wearing theirs around mile 12. Holy red sparkles, Batman! It's HUGE!!!! Seriously! I measured it when I got home - 4" diameter. It's even bigger than my Disney medal. You know what would have been better though? Make it out of glass (or at least fill in the numbers with glass) seeing as Toledo is the glass city!!!! (The full medal was a diamond with a spinning circle in the center and the names of all the previous winners engraved on the pack. Ironically it was smaller than the half medal.)

The food in Toledo is the best at any marathon I've done. Pizza, mostacoli, garlic bread, yum! Beer in our pretty finisher mugs :D
Had I been able to change the name on my bib, it would have been F*ck PF

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