Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What worked, what didn't

My wretched PF has been with me over 3 months at this point. I still notice it, but the intensity is way down, to the point that it's a nagging annoyance more than a serious injury. I tried pretty much everything short of dry needling. Here is what worked and what didn't:

Definitely helped
time/rest :(
Prescription strength NSAIDs
KT tape (helped with pain management, didn't cure anything)
different gait when running

Probably helped
Different shoes

Didn't make a difference either way
athletic tape
rolling (it's good for mobility though, so everyone should do it)
reflexology (although it felt good)
menthol rub, any topical cream
night boot

Made it worse
foot strengthening exercises (I might try them again once the pain is fully gone)

I still haven't decided about my spring races. In the "dealing with it" process (known as the grieving process for serious issues, of which this is not...), I'm still deeply enmeshed in DENIAL :D

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