Monday, May 9, 2016

Moving On

Miraculously, I basically feel fine a week after the 36.5-mile Pigstravagana. Oh sure, I got my normal post-race cold, when my white blood cells were trying to repair the damage to my legs, leaving my lungs susceptible to every germ the kids brought with them. Burning the candle at both ends certainly didn't help any, but like always, I'll survive this one, too. And while the Piggie weekend was a terrible idea, I'm thankful I pushed myself through it, the pain of skipping it would have been infinitely worse than the physical pain. (race review coming soon)

Now what...? I want to go run! My foot essentially feels fine. I'm trying a new approach though to my post-race plan - No running within the week following the race!!!! I'm actually taking the entire month of May off from running, let my body heal itself, give my foot time. Absolutely nothing I did or tried helped it feel better, so I'm resigned to time. Besides, I've been saying for years I need to take one season off for deep healing and to recharge. My body told me in no uncertain terms that it's time. In good news, wearing cute shoes doesn't seem to irritate my foot, so I'm done with wearing the Mizunos around the clock.

Come June 1, if my foot has felt 100% for a while, I'll start with a sad little 1-mile run. If that hurts, give it a few more weeks. If it feels great, try it again the next day and build sloooooowly. Maybe I'll go back to the "couch potato to 5k" program just because it's a gentle way to ease into running. I'm being smart this time. Next year's Piggie is May 7, which gives me 53 weeks to heal and train. I have nothing but time to do it right.

Besides, I can always bike. That's the same, right...? :(

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