Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goals for the second half of 2016

The foot ailment sure threw a monkey wrench in the middle of my plans for the year. I'm FINALLY able to run short, smart distances, with zero consideration for speed whatsoever. I'm glad I got the bike and used it regularly, but golly am I out of shape!!! Bike shape and running shape are completely different! Although to be fair, I jumped right into hot weather running and it's typically easier with my schedule to run in the day than it would be to run in the evening, or especially in the morning (lol yeah right! me??? hahaha)

Here are the new plans for the rest of the year:

* I had planned to keep July runs under 3 miles each, but forgot that and accidentally ran 3.33 today. Oops ;)
* Run the Electric Bolt 5k virtual option this weekend. I've finished in 2nd place both times I've done it, but due to previous plans I can't make it to the actual run, not to mention I have slow legs this year. I like the people who run it, so I'm happy to support them again. They also organize the Twinkie Run.
* Increase my mileage in August so I can manage 6 miles. Build slowly, add 1 mile per week, still not running consecutive days.
* September increase to a few 10-mile runs.
* October - the Heroes on Hines half. I did it the first year and didn't love it. Running Fit is offering a bonus medal this year to runners who do both the Martian half and this half. Works for me. Besides, I'm not doing Chicago the next weekend as was the case in previous years. Almost certainly not doing the Queen Bee half in Cincinnati, even though Iris puts on exceptional races and this is the first year I'd be able to do it (always the day before Chicago). Can't justify the cost, not knowing how my foot will fare. I don't have a streak to maintain there, so no reason to drive and push it.
* November - Veterans half marathon in Columbia City, Indiana. I registered on New Year's Day for $40, even with my foot screaming angrily the whole time. Hate the course, like the people, like the town.
* December - start thinking about the Flying Pig marathon :D

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Piggie bling

Mr. Pig always has nice goodies for us. Here's the 2016 offering:

Marathon #22
1 mile shirt, 10k shirt, 5k shirt, tote bag
marathon shirt, 4-way finisher shirt, medals, plaque
There was a poster too
1 mile, 5k, 10k, marathon, 4-way, extra charm for doing the "5-way"

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I dragged myself through the Flying Pig marathon. Hell yeah it was a bad idea!!!! But my entire goal was to finish without medical intervention and despite the 85 degree heat and sun, Pam from Dallas and I finished together.

Then I stopped running.



My foot feels so-so. Some days are better than others. It's never 100%, but I'm sick of biking and feeling my abs get squishy is a terrible sensation.

I had to try!!! Something!!!

One Sunday morning, I went out and ran 1 mile. No watch, no music, just a slow test run. It felt ok. No ok as in "this is fantastic, as good as new." But ok as in "I can deal with this."

The real test would be the next morning. Previously, even a 1-miler would have me aching and hobbling for two days afterward.

Monday morning felt no worse than usual. So I took the day off, and the next, which seems to be my new pattern: a short run, then two days rest. I ran 1.25, 2.0, 2.5 and it's manageable. That's the best I can hope for at this point. I'm deliberately keeping it under 3 miles the whole month, lest I give myself shin splints...