Monday, October 10, 2016

Heroes on Hines redux

I ran the Heroes on Hines half in its inaugural year, 2013. It was ok, I neither loved nor hated it. The  next few years I skipped it to prioritize Chicago the following week. Obviously Chicago wasn't in the cards this year. Heroes on Hines was never on my radar.

Then Randy from Running Fit sent this in an email. Enough said.

I was feeling optimistic when I registered. My foot is more stable, and less likely to cause me to hobble and cry in pain. I did a lousy job with training though, and wasn't ready in any way, shape or form. I ran it anyway. Something nice about doing it for the second time was that I knew the pickup was small and close to the start. Ample free parking helped too. I didn't need to go out on Friday to get my stuff - 5 minutes on Saturday was more than enough time. When my requested size was enormous, they immediately swapped it for a small. The red cup was a nice surprise :)

It was in the mid 60s and drizzly. Thankfully we were on the western non-flooded side of Hines... It was so hard to get out of the car and wait, but once we got started, it was pretty much perfect weather.

I got through it. The early miles felt good. Then my knee hurt and I couldn't pop it. Then my hip hurt. It was just pain from not using the muscles and not doing any long runs.

I just wanted to finish. Not my best, not by a long shot. My whole goal was to finish. If I could do so under 2:30, that would be great. I got close. Ah well. I'll do better next time!

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