Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Martians emailed

This is new. The Martians included a pic of the shirt and the medals with the announcement that registration is now open. They've always shown the goodies before the race, but usually not until the spring. I was going to do it either way. The "Milky Way 26k" for me again this time. I doubt I'll ever do their full again, and if I'm doing a half, what's another 5k??? The shirt is nice, medals are always good, my only gripe is that they're green again - we just had green in 2013. First world problems... It's curious, the shirt and medal have always been the same color in the 5 years I've done this race. I really like the turquoise though.


  1. The shirt is great. I will never do the full again, I just remember you warning me. It was every bit as bad as you said. So cold, icy and did I mention cold, rip your face off cold!???

    1. Hah I know! The cold isn't even the worst part, I can't handle the boredom!!! Lol