Monday, December 5, 2016

Running Funny

I KNOW that when I run I should be landing on the balls of my feet. Every good runner knows this. To be honest, I thought I was... Many months ago I met with Marie of PR Fitness in Ann Arbor, she video taped me running and we watched it frame by frame. There was some definite heel striking still going on. Not every step, perhaps, but a lot. Did that cause the PF? It certainly didn't help.

8 months later, my foot felt basically fine. I knew without any doubt though that if I was going to run again with any seriousness, the heel striking was an essential problem to solve. But it felt so easy and natural to heel strike!

The way to solve it would be to run barefoot, but not wanting gangrene or to step on glass, rusty nails, etc., I dug out the Vibram FiveFingers and wore them every single run. It felt really funny. I felt like I must have looked like a prancing horse to be lifting my foot so high then delicately placing it down. It felt like when I did ballet and we had to run, always with the toes pointing forward. It was like walking in stilettos. It was all sorts of awkward. I had to keep trying. The Vibrams are lousy for longer distances, so a few times a week, I was out for 2 miles at a time working on technique.

Eventually it started to feel less awkward.

It feels routine now. Every so often, if I'm reaching for a curb or something I still heel strike and that feels great, but the forefoot landing is my new normal.

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