Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If it's not my foot, it's my foot

After the year long curse, the PF is basically gone. Occasionally it'll remind me with a little hello, I'm still here... But overall it's not a factor. Not wearing heels helps, rolling my feet immediately after every run helps.

I've always had a callus on the ball of my right foot. Every other year, I don't even notice it until I'm running 10, 12, 15 miles, and even then, I slather my foot with a little Vaseline before I run and it's all good.

This year, however, every single run.... Taping it with KT helped, when I remembered to do so. I pumiced the heck out of my foot in Saturday, then in the course of my 5.5 Monday miles, it came back with a nice little blister. Wth??? I drained it and today is a scheduled day off, but something has to change. I have a new pair of shoes in the basement, will try those. I'll also remove the inserts I've been using. I figured they would either have no effect or make it a little better, but maybe they're making it worse. We'll see.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 2 in the books

Week 2 on the comeback tour is a wrap! The Hansons program starts off deceptively easy, and every run I've thought "I can go further. I should go another mile or two." Then so quickly I remember the forthcoming weeks of 8-10-8, of 10-6-6-16-6, and I remind myself to take it easy and enjoy the "easy" weeks. It feels good, at least so far. Throughout all the pain and apathy of 2016, I always did just enough to maintain a modicum of fitness, knowing I absolutely did not want to start at ground zero. It worked. My heart and lungs haven't felt over-exerted, my muscles are good, my foot is 95%. Occasionally there is a twinge in the heel. I quit wearing heels months ago, I've been better about rolling my feet and my legs, even when they don't hurt. Wow, what a concept.... Pace wise, I'm in the 10:15-10:45 range, which is completely appropriate for the first few weeks (My target pace is a flat 10).

Week 1:
Wednesday - 3 ("ran" 30 minutes in the basement, it was 8 degrees outside)
Thursday - off
Friday - 3 ("ran" 31 minutes. Still cold)
Saturday - 4 ("ran" 42. Yup, still)
Sunday - off
Monday - 2 (did it)
Tuesday - off

Week 2:
Wednesday - 3 miles (took my run stuff to school and went immediately)
Thursday - 3 (no problem)
Friday - 3 (feeling good)
Saturday - 4 (whee!!!!!)
Sunday - off
Monday - 4 ("ran" 45 minutes. Rained all day long. I think Noah's ark floated down the street)
Tuesday - off

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A bizarre beginning

Wednesday was day 1 of Flying Pig training. After breakfast and coffee (ok and nap...) I opened the heavy inside door and felt the cold and wind through the storm door. "Oh hell no!" I slammed the door shut. It was 6 degrees outside and crazy windy. Gyms are all a bunch of butts (I refuse to give them my bank account information to auto debit, I'm more than happy to give them a wad of cash to prepay the whole year, but no one wants my business). Biking is decent if I'm injured, but not an everyday solution to training.

What to do....

I finally dressed like I was going outside - shorts and fleece lined pants, long sleeved tech shirt and fleece jacket, then went in the basement where I propped my phone on the washer and turned on a YouTube video to pass the time.

I set an alarm for 30 minutes and ran in place... Running 3 miles would take about the same time. Close enough? Kinda sorta. It's obviously not an everyday training solution, but it wasn't terrible either. I elevated my heart rate and sweated a ton, which I wouldn't have done in the cold. I focused on techniques that typically go by the wayside - "running" with my mouth closed and breathing through my nose, engaging my abs, raising knees higher, kicking heels higher.

It was a ton more enjoyable than a dreadmill. Free, no commute. I could do so much worse. I "ran" on the cement floor, I might look for a piece of plywood in the basement for next time, to soften the impact. We'll see.