Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If it's not my foot, it's my foot

After the year long curse, the PF is basically gone. Occasionally it'll remind me with a little hello, I'm still here... But overall it's not a factor. Not wearing heels helps, rolling my feet immediately after every run helps.

I've always had a callus on the ball of my right foot. Every other year, I don't even notice it until I'm running 10, 12, 15 miles, and even then, I slather my foot with a little Vaseline before I run and it's all good.

This year, however, every single run.... Taping it with KT helped, when I remembered to do so. I pumiced the heck out of my foot in Saturday, then in the course of my 5.5 Monday miles, it came back with a nice little blister. Wth??? I drained it and today is a scheduled day off, but something has to change. I have a new pair of shoes in the basement, will try those. I'll also remove the inserts I've been using. I figured they would either have no effect or make it a little better, but maybe they're making it worse. We'll see.

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