Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 2 in the books

Week 2 on the comeback tour is a wrap! The Hansons program starts off deceptively easy, and every run I've thought "I can go further. I should go another mile or two." Then so quickly I remember the forthcoming weeks of 8-10-8, of 10-6-6-16-6, and I remind myself to take it easy and enjoy the "easy" weeks. It feels good, at least so far. Throughout all the pain and apathy of 2016, I always did just enough to maintain a modicum of fitness, knowing I absolutely did not want to start at ground zero. It worked. My heart and lungs haven't felt over-exerted, my muscles are good, my foot is 95%. Occasionally there is a twinge in the heel. I quit wearing heels months ago, I've been better about rolling my feet and my legs, even when they don't hurt. Wow, what a concept.... Pace wise, I'm in the 10:15-10:45 range, which is completely appropriate for the first few weeks (My target pace is a flat 10).

Week 1:
Wednesday - 3 ("ran" 30 minutes in the basement, it was 8 degrees outside)
Thursday - off
Friday - 3 ("ran" 31 minutes. Still cold)
Saturday - 4 ("ran" 42. Yup, still)
Sunday - off
Monday - 2 (did it)
Tuesday - off

Week 2:
Wednesday - 3 miles (took my run stuff to school and went immediately)
Thursday - 3 (no problem)
Friday - 3 (feeling good)
Saturday - 4 (whee!!!!!)
Sunday - off
Monday - 4 ("ran" 45 minutes. Rained all day long. I think Noah's ark floated down the street)
Tuesday - off

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  1. YEAH!!This makes my heart happy. You have done a great job taking care of you feet. Not to mention how patient you have been with your healing.