Friday, February 3, 2017

Dating a runner

I met my boyfriend in the throes of PFland, where I did a decent amount of biking and the occasional short run. Exercise was forced to the back burner and he got to know me, at least not-a-runner me.

Then I started running a little more in the fall.

Then I got back with the Hansons and oddities started popping up more frequently....

Why is there a pile of dirty laundry in the hallway next to the bathroom? (My running gear gets washed more frequently and separately from work clothes)

Why are there 5 pairs of running shoes next to the front door? Why are three of them the same shoe? Why do you have two pairs same brand same color???? (Different shoes for different needs)

Why is there black tape on your foot, even after you shower? (KT tape is expensive and seems to help control the callus)

Why in the world are you running in place for an hour? (Bc it's too cold outside!)

It all makes sense to me :) And yes, I go on trips specifically to run. Doesn't everyone??? :D

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