Monday, February 20, 2017

Ending the week with Bart

The Hansons training program, in my opinion, runs from Wednesday to Tuesday. Week 1 starts on a Wednesday then every Tuesday is a day off, which signifies the end of the training week, yes? Cruelly, the very last workout of every week is speed work. Get my legs good and tired, get me mentally ready for my day off, but first! Speed work! I know it's intentional, just always a struggle.

I do my speed work at the track. It's enough to consistently monitor my pace, I don't need to pay close attention to my distance as well. Much easier to just run laps. Unfortunately the squishy squishy high school track is locked so I have been forced to use the cement track at a different school.

This weekend was super nice weather, even a tad bit too hot for running in the middle of the day. It was great!!!!!! Today started cooling off, and the clouds were getting heavier as my run went on. It was mid40s and very windy, which was 100% ok with me - I'm training for a race in THE WINDY CITY...

I started with a 1-mile slow warm up, which took me from stiff lurching to a fairly comfortable easy run, then I started with a version of Yasso 800s. I ran the two laps at the appropriate pace (4:30 per set, or 9:00 pace), with a quarter mile recovery after each. To be honest, they were easier than I expected and I finished each one with a pace between 8:53 and 8:57. It hurt so good :)

Then I immediately began my 48-hour break until Wednesday's run aaaah :)

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