Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tempo Time

Wednesdays are my tempo runs - those done at race pace. I finally decided on a 10:15 goal, faster than my PR, yet slow enough that I can maintain it for a long long time. If I'm feeling great after 18-20 miles, I can always go faster. I don't want to make the mistake of starting too fast and falling apart at the end, especially since I know the weather in Cincinnati - it'll be hot and humid, or hot and rainy, both of which are good for a more conservative approach.

This week Wednesday was almost 60 degrees, dreary and overcast, and very humid. It was great practice for Cincy. I loved wearing a skort and tshirt in February! The humidity was such that before I was done, I was wishing I had worn a tank.

The numbers:

The last mile I looked down and was running a 9:40 pace! It felt great and sometimes I let the pace speed up the final mile, but I wanted to be spot-on with my pace for all 5 miles. I tried and tried to slow it down and didn't get quite there. All around an awesome run :)

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