Monday, February 27, 2017

What a difference a week makes

Last Saturday was absolutely perfect - upper 60s and sunny. I LOVED being outside in just a skort and tshirt. Best winter day ever! Yet... It wasn't altogether perfect for my first long run. It was 20 degrees warmer than anything I had run in all year. I started conservatively (slow), but the whole time I felt like I was running through molasses. I should have taken water. I should have eaten more. It was beyond frustrating because 10 miles used to be... easy...

Fast forward a week. My Friday miles didn't happen. I'm normally done working at 2:45, it was 3:30 this week. Driving home, the sky was navy blue and a bolt of horizontal lightning lit up the sky. By the time I waited it out, it was dark. I don't mind rain, but I didn't want to be 3-4 miles away from anything and start lightning again. I opted for safety and did a deceptively hard bike ride - 10 speed drills at 100+ rpm for 30 seconds, 30 seconds recovery.

Saturday was everything I loathe about winter. It was 100% clouded over, cold, and windy. I procrastinated and procrastinated. I didn't want to do my run, I didn't want to be outside in that nastiness for almost two hours. It would have been so easy to skip it, no one is monitoring my workouts, no one cares if I skip a run, even a long run. Yet I knew I needed to do it for myself. No one said marathon training was easy...

The wind chill was 28 degrees, which makes dressing difficult. I have clothing for the really cold and for the fairly mild, but nothing for when it hovers around freezing. I didn't want to dress too warm and sweat so I was cold the first miles until I warmed up. It was 40+ degrees colder than last week! 40!!!! Weather in Michigan...

Getting started was the worst part. I was running directly into the wind, and two minutes in, ice pellets started pinging against my face.

I went out way too fast with a 10:05 first mile because I wanted it to be over!!! Eventually the wind subsided a little and I settled into a groove around 11:00 pace. Keep going keep going. The ice stopped as well. Just keep going.

Mile 8.5, I needed a bathroom, but there weren't any, and even if I found one, I would momentarily warm up then have to go back outside and it would be so much colder. Don't think about it. Run run run strong. Finish.

My final time was 1:50, I was hoping for a 1:55. Even better was how I felt after. Took a shower, picked up dinner and I felt great! After the warmer 10, I had felt like death warmed over. Skipping the Friday miles made it so much easier, but they're so important. The whole idea behind the Hansons program is cumulative fatigue - feeling tired, running on dead legs. I had to exercise caution though, especially when there's a bike righting my living room. I felt really defeated after the warm run, but this cold one restored my confidence in my comeback race, even if the process was so miserable! :)

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