Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ground control to Major Bemis

Sometimes I can't improve on someone else's words. From one of the Martians in charge:

Hey Hey!

Good news!!  I think we have put together an amazing team of 4 to sweep the Martian Marathon on April 22

You are invited to be a group of this awesome group of 4 women sweeping the 26.2 course! Girl power!

Here is the big picture:
You will stay behind the last participant the entire way…..let me repeat that…the entire way….
No matter who it is. If you get very attached to the last person for 22 miles and they suddenly have a surge of energy and pass someone…guess what…you drop back and stay behind the new person.
No matter what…even if you think that person you have devoted your life to for 22 long miles is your potential soulmate and you can’t live without them…get their bib number, drop back….and we’ll work on connecting you back up later.
You have two jobs. 
Keep those back of the packers movin’ and shakin’ AND along the way to pick up race trash between aid stations. This will mostly consist of GU wrappers and cups. There will be various other things as well…and you can use your discretion….a McDonald’s cup….sure …if it’s easy to carry to the next aid station to drop…..a blown out tire lying on the road…..ummm…go ahead and leave that one…

Are you IN???


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