Friday, March 17, 2017

Pace schmace

In the Hansons program, there are three Something of Substance runs a week - race tempo, long slow, and speed. It seems like every week Mother Nature has been conspiring against my tempo days with snow or sub zero temperatures or 50mph winds. I've tried to make do with a hard bike sesh. It's not the same.

This week, I said I HAVE to get it done, even though the wind chill was 11. Mom has a treadmill, so that was the new plan. Yes, it was miserable. The first mile or two were easy enough, then it became a total suck fest. Mile 5, I slowed down a bit for a break. It was hot and boring, too noisy to watch anything on my phone. Just music and a street with very few cars.

It made me reconsider my whole idea of a 10:15 pace. It made me think what if I started ridiculously slow, like 11:30 or 12-minute miles? I inevitably get there at the end of the race, what if I started there and sped up? My m.o. has historically been start at a decent pace then fall apart at the end. If I start so slow, though, am I setting up myself for defeat? Then I question the whole idea of training. I'm dragging myself through 18 weeks of pain in the hope of a sub-5 finish. Last year I did zero training and hacked out a 6:03 finish. Somehow that hour difference isn't seeming worth it.

Sigh, I don't know anything. Granted, it was my first TM run in well over a year. Is that justifying the suck factor or is that a legitimate excuse?

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