Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 12

Week 12 with the Hansons begins on a Wednesday. First though, I had to finish week 11. The last run was scheduled to be a "strength" workout on Monday. The weather was gross though - 30s, 100% cloud cover, etc. It was a great day to be in pajamas by 3pm, especially with the Tuesday forecast of 55 and sunny. I swapped Monday's miles with Tuesday's rest day and it was a good decision, even though it meant doing "something of substance" runs on consecutive days.

Tuesday - Mile repeats at 10:05 pace with 1/4 mile break in between. Final average pace was 11:00. More importantly - it felt amazing!!!

Wednesday - Tempo run. As happens in Michigan, the temperature dropped 15 degrees overnight and it was cold! It was sunny though and an important run, so I bundled up, slapped on the Hokas and went. Those dumb clown shoes have never felt so good!!!! It was like little clouds under my feet.

I did a great job maintaining consistent 10:15s, except when I turned onto Wick Road and found myself in the middle of the boys' track team. There is a certain amount of pride and ego to be able to say "I'm old enough to be your mom, and having no trouble keeping up with your pace!!!" Yeah, the stretch with them was an 8:40....

Thursday - Bike 45 minutes with speed drills, abs

Friday - 70 and sunny. Not wanting the weather to change before my run, I went immediately after work. The Hokas felt so amazing on Wednesday, I grabbed those again. Stupid stupid stupid. I had forgotten about my experience last year where the Hokas and thin socks rubbed a dime sized blister on the underside of my foot. 2.3 miles in, it was feeling great, the only run this season that's felt easy, then the same blister started rubbing. I tried tightening the shoes, I tried loosening them. I finally walked back in defeat. I slathered it with Vaseline, put on thick socks and the Mizunos to finish the miles. Nope. They were garbage miles anyway, so I got on the bike for 20 minutes.

Saturday - mid 30s, 100% cloud cover. Heavy rain early. Barfy horrendous weather. No part of me wanted to go outside and run. I procrastinated until 4pm, then finally forced myself outside. Much to my surprise, it felt AMAZING!!!!! Seriously!!!! My long slow runs should be 11:15 or slower, but my watch kept reporting upper 10s. At the crossroad, I could have turned for the finish, or kept going for a 1.5 mile loop. Keep going!!!! I got close to 10, felt amazing, and decided I could totally do 11 well under 2 hours. So I did. The last 4 miles I was running INTO a strong wind and my legs were still saying Faster! Faster!!! I listened to them. Final average pace: 10:37 :D

Then I went to Charlie's diner for comfort food, as I do most Saturdays. The owner said my food was on the house. So nice of him!!!

Sunday - bike 70 minutes

Week 12 was the best I've had since 2015. I always bemoan to my friend that I'm not going to be ready for Cincinnati. She always claims I am. For one day (Saturday), I finally believed her. At least a little.

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