Thursday, April 13, 2017

Shamrocking again

I haven't gotten fat - wearing multiple layers
of clothing bc it was 12 degrees
I've wanted to wear my StormTrooper pajamas in a race for a long time. I finally had the chance at Shamrocks and Shenanigans in March. The boyfriend was off work and I had my $30 RunningFit voucher that wasn't being used for the Martian, so with a dry, sunny forecast, it seemed like a good idea.

Here is his fb write-up of our time:

Yesterday morning it was cold. That's Michigan in March, right. 
We were dressed for it. I couldn't wait to run this race with Liz [me. He calls me Liz or Lizzie], but leading up to it, I got sick so my training was minimal. 
With the fact I had a busy week, I just never had any legs to stand on, much less to run on. 
As the race started, I felt fine. Kept a good comfortable pace but my energy was short lived. I worked to get up a hill and when I did I was sweating from being overly dressed. 
I took my gloves off, I unzipped my vest a bit, and removed my shades. They kept fogging up and my vision wasn't the greatest. 
I saw people around me starting to walk. Liz pulled away infront of me. 
I had no music to keep time with and worst of all I had no chewing gum to help my rhythm. 
Seeing more people start walking, I kept telling myself I can slow down but absolutely no stopping. 
I was hitting that mental wall but I kept moving. As the Big House came into view and more specifically that block M. 
I felt a bit of an energy surge reenter my body. 
How cool was this? The sun was shining ever so bright and now I was next to Liz, the only thing missing was theme music. 
As we made our turn to head back, Lizzie said it's downhill for a while. I found this harder to do than the hill, because I didn't want to end up on my face.  But as we got closer to the finish I made a point to look around downtown Main Street. About 1300 ran the race. As we approached our last hill for the second time. 
I mustered up my reserve tank and galloped like a thoroughbred. My strides were long and I knew it was either this or a struggle to get up. 
When I came around the corner with the finish in sight. I slowed down. My legs were taxed beyond anything. I raised my hands over my head. I had accomplished my goal of never stopping. 
I took my medal and found a curb to sit on. 
When Liz came over I handed it to her and she placed it around my neck. 
It may have only been 3.1 miles but the mental victory felt like a real marathon. 
Liz was a great running partner. She could have easily gone ahead but she stayed back to keep me company. 
Doing something that she enjoys doing with her made it all the better. 
Now to hit the bike and start preparing for the next one. 

It was by far my slowest 5k and that's totally ok. I could run ahead of him and have a mediocre 29-minute race, top 15 placement, but nowhere near top 3. Or I could stay with him and support him through his first race, through the longest distance he's ever run, and he was determined to run the entire way, no walking whatsoever. It was a no-brainer :)

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