Monday, May 1, 2017

Piggie goals

The Flying Pig seems to be a race of extremes for me. In 2015 I set the audacious goal of running a PR in 3 of the 4 races. The times I set in the 1-mile, 10k and full are still my PRs, two years later. In 2016, my entire goal was to finish and keep the streak alive.

This year is somewhere in between. I'm not in shape for running PRs, but I'll finish everything, no doubt about that. I don't have specific absolute time goals for each race, more of an overall total time goal. In a perfect weekend, that goal is 6:45:00, in a realistic world where bad weather happens, 7:00:00 is ok too. I got that number from approximating:

5:00:00 marathon (start at a slow 11:00 pace in the hope of not falling apart later)
+ 1:00:00 ish for the 10k
+ 30:00 5k
+ 8:00 1-mile
That's 6:38:00, allow 5-7 minutes here and there. For example, the 10k won't be under 1-hour exactly. We'll see.

They already emailed - register for the 2018 race at the expo and get a free tshirt. Why yes, I NEED another Piggie tshirt... You know I'll do it so I get the lowest registration price. I'm going for the 10-year medal next. Don't I get tired of running the same race year after year after year? Nah, it's a good one :)

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