Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 3

Week 3 of training is over. I guess. Depends how I count. The third calendar week is done. I've had only two alternate workouts when I had misread the calendar and thought I had an extra week. One 3-miler became a bike ride and another 3-miler became 2.5. Since then, every day hs been exactly what the Hansons prescribe.

Overall, things are going really well. Every run has had some component of speed, which is a huge improvement over training seasons past. I still feel slow and lacking stamina, but I take it one run at a time. I've been more deliberate with running at different times of day and in different temperatures/humidity levels. I want to be ready for whatever Chicago throws at me!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I can't count

Satan called... Wants his weather back.... Welcome to late spring in Michigan where the temperature jumps from 72 to 95 in one day. Monday was crazy stupid hot, like I was sweating just walking to the car. Who in her right mind wants to run in that????

The Tuesday morning forecast was "cooler" so I made the irrevocable decision to rest on Monday and do Monday's miles early Tuesday before work. The few times I've managed it, I like it! It's practical - only shower once, then my brain is rested and happy without a run hanging over my head all day.

I laid out all my clothing the night before, woke up and actually got out the door! Normally I spoil myself and take it way too easy. I don't like to run until after I've had a big breakfast, a few cups of coffee, a trip to the restroom, 2-3 glasses of water. Only then do I want to run. Marathons don't happen in the late afternoon though.

I had a small granola bar, small cup of water and opened the door into a sauna. It was "cooler," which is to say 75 with 80% humidity. Knowing the forecast was pushing 100, I had to get it done! Thankful it was only 2 miles. At 1.4 I had a side stitch from dehydration. Breathe through the nose, deep breaths, don't walk.

I did 2.5 miles all in the 9:30-9:40 range, each was faster than the previous.

Then after work I looked at the training program again. I looked at the dates again. I'm a doofus! Training really and truly did start last week. I lost 1/2 mile today and on Friday I biked instead of running 3 miles. But I did a double workout on Saturday, so it all works out?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The "two a day"

Saturday's forecast was hot hot hot, like over 90. Yeeech! I stayed inside and biked two episodes of Jeopardy!, did my ab work and it was all good. Then I ran to the grocery store and discovered that while it was ridiculously hot, there was also a nice breeze.

Fast forward several hours. Still hot, still breezy. After 7 I decided to do another workout, because why not? :) Got dressed in minimal clothing (shorts, tank, ankle socks), drove to one of my schools and set a realistic goal. It was my first really hot run, so I figured a reasonable plan would be 3-4 miles sub-11. Ease into hot weather running.

It was hot. I didn't have any water and yet I got it done. It felt reasonably good, so I went to the upper range of my plan, then I realized the car was an extra 0.35 miles past 4, and if I'm doing that, round it up to 0.5.

Final total: 4.5 miles at a 10:26 average pace. Not bad 👊🏻

Friday, June 9, 2017


Week 1 has been amazing! I've gotten all my mileage done and then some. My calendar is neatly filled out with the mileage and pace and everything is good.

Then for some reason I looked at it again. I looked at a 2017 calendar. I counted backwards from race day. I actually start training on June 11, not June 4. Oops :) Ah well, I'll just redo week 1 and it's all good. Evidently I'm super excited to start Chicago this year :) :) :)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Chi-3, Global running day!

It's global running day and it was low 70s, low humidity and full sun. You bet I was running today! The Hansons prescribed 3 miles easy.

Mile 1 - 9:40
Mile 2 - 9:32
Mile 3 - 9:22 going into the wind
0.1 - 8:49

Then I did 100 crunches for good measure.

Not bad considering my goal was to stay sub-10.

Now get out there and run, readers!!!

Monday, June 5, 2017

The No More Mediocrity Tour

Every time I've used the Hansons program it has started on a Wednesday, 18 1/2 weeks before the race. They now have a really nice printable calendar with all the workouts that I printed today and what do you know? It now starts on a Monday. So I guess I'm training now.

The first workout was scheduled for "2 miles easy." In my new world, that meant a half mile warmup then 1 mile at 8:43 and 1 mile at 8:53. Along the way I named this training cycle, much like bands name their tours - No more mediocrity. I figure I'll hit a big PR or get injured. Good times...

The paces I did today aren't sustainable in the long term, but I don't need to start at 11s either. I've been way too easy on myself for way too long. Hard runs, lose weight, abs, PR.