Friday, June 30, 2017

Change of plans

My schedule for the weekend is:

Friday - 5 miles easy
Saturday - 4 miles easy
Sunday - rest or cross train (I always bike)

It was insanely hot this morning, sunny and well over 90. I figured I'd wait a few hours for the sun to pass its peak.

Woke up from a nap to the sound of distant rumbling thunder and the temperature has dropped 20 degrees. It felt great, but I don't run in thunder or lightning. We're now going on 3 straight hours of rain with no sign of a break on the radar.

What to do???? Bike tonight then run Saturday and Sunday? Write off today and proceed as normal Saturday and Sunday? Days like this make me wish I had a gym membership, I could have run in the heat or during the storm. Stupid weather :(

Deep breath. ONE 5-miler isn't going to make or break my season.


  1. QUICK the back up plan...and that plan is not throwing in the towel! It has been a weird summer weather wise. Good miles.

    1. A little biking, a little weight lifting. Missing 5 miles out of approx 500 isn't the end of the world. Weather happens 😩