Thursday, June 29, 2017

God bless eBay

Going back to 2008, I've been enamored with the UnderArmour Endure sports bra simply because it works. The neck line is high, the molded cup design is great for holding everything in place without creating the dreaded smushed uniboob look, and they have a fairly long shelf life with normal use. Well, I was going through two a year on average, even with washing on the gentle cycle and line drying, but from what I was reading online, that was a longer life than many styles / wearers.

Then UA stopped selling them and I'd been searching in vain for a suitable replacement every since. One day I received an email from Running Fit about their sale. I looked at the bra selection, didn't love anything.

Just for fun I hopped on eBay and searched for "UnderArmour endurance." Hey, I found one before there before new with tags, only a slight pen mark on the back. This was my lucky day! There is a military supply store out of Virginia that was selling a 3-pack for $49. The msrp was $55 each. The seller had thousands of ratings and accepted returns. Done!

Four days later they arrived. Three glorious Endure bras, brand new with tags. I have no idea where the seller found these or has been hoarding them since they were discontinued. I tugged one on and as it displaced my back fat, I was reminded of what a good proper high impact bra feels like. Then I went for a run and it did its job perfectly!

They were only available in white, which would be my last choice, but color is completely insignificant. The only things that matter are fit and stability, which the Endure has in spades. God bless eBay!

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