Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I can't count

Satan called... Wants his weather back.... Welcome to late spring in Michigan where the temperature jumps from 72 to 95 in one day. Monday was crazy stupid hot, like I was sweating just walking to the car. Who in her right mind wants to run in that????

The Tuesday morning forecast was "cooler" so I made the irrevocable decision to rest on Monday and do Monday's miles early Tuesday before work. The few times I've managed it, I like it! It's practical - only shower once, then my brain is rested and happy without a run hanging over my head all day.

I laid out all my clothing the night before, woke up and actually got out the door! Normally I spoil myself and take it way too easy. I don't like to run until after I've had a big breakfast, a few cups of coffee, a trip to the restroom, 2-3 glasses of water. Only then do I want to run. Marathons don't happen in the late afternoon though.

I had a small granola bar, small cup of water and opened the door into a sauna. It was "cooler," which is to say 75 with 80% humidity. Knowing the forecast was pushing 100, I had to get it done! Thankful it was only 2 miles. At 1.4 I had a side stitch from dehydration. Breathe through the nose, deep breaths, don't walk.

I did 2.5 miles all in the 9:30-9:40 range, each was faster than the previous.

Then after work I looked at the training program again. I looked at the dates again. I'm a doofus! Training really and truly did start last week. I lost 1/2 mile today and on Friday I biked instead of running 3 miles. But I did a double workout on Saturday, so it all works out?

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