Monday, June 5, 2017

The No More Mediocrity Tour

Every time I've used the Hansons program it has started on a Wednesday, 18 1/2 weeks before the race. They now have a really nice printable calendar with all the workouts that I printed today and what do you know? It now starts on a Monday. So I guess I'm training now.

The first workout was scheduled for "2 miles easy." In my new world, that meant a half mile warmup then 1 mile at 8:43 and 1 mile at 8:53. Along the way I named this training cycle, much like bands name their tours - No more mediocrity. I figure I'll hit a big PR or get injured. Good times...

The paces I did today aren't sustainable in the long term, but I don't need to start at 11s either. I've been way too easy on myself for way too long. Hard runs, lose weight, abs, PR.

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