Sunday, June 11, 2017

The "two a day"

Saturday's forecast was hot hot hot, like over 90. Yeeech! I stayed inside and biked two episodes of Jeopardy!, did my ab work and it was all good. Then I ran to the grocery store and discovered that while it was ridiculously hot, there was also a nice breeze.

Fast forward several hours. Still hot, still breezy. After 7 I decided to do another workout, because why not? :) Got dressed in minimal clothing (shorts, tank, ankle socks), drove to one of my schools and set a realistic goal. It was my first really hot run, so I figured a reasonable plan would be 3-4 miles sub-11. Ease into hot weather running.

It was hot. I didn't have any water and yet I got it done. It felt reasonably good, so I went to the upper range of my plan, then I realized the car was an extra 0.35 miles past 4, and if I'm doing that, round it up to 0.5.

Final total: 4.5 miles at a 10:26 average pace. Not bad 👊🏻

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