Sunday, July 23, 2017

A great 10

Saturday's prescribed mileage was 10 easy. The forecast was horrendous - upper 80s and high humidity, a "feels like" temperature in the 100s. Yet heat can't be a reason to skip the mileage, especially on a "Something of substance" run. It was pleasantly cool in the morning and I saw several runners outside, yet we had things that needed to be done and couldn't be rescheduled. By the time it was run-time, I needed a different answer than running all 10 outside.

The boyfriend and I went to mom's house for a bit and my solution was to run to the gym - exactly 1 mile, run 8 on the TM then run back to her house. It was so crazy hot the first mile kept me slower and served as a warm up then later as a cool down.

On the TM, I ran ladders increasing from 11:40s to 10:30s then back down again. The TM makes it way too easy to go faster than the Hanson want. On a long slow Saturday they recommend 60-90 seconds slower than race pace.

It felt easy. My legs wanted to go so much faster than my brain was holding back. Halfway, I knew I was in the downswing and would be done in 50-55 minutes. No sweat, that seemed easy. At mile 7, I hit a groove and kept the pace at a steady 11:14 and started laddering the elevation.

When I finished my miles at the gym, I rinsed my washcloth in cold water for the run home. I was hot and pouring sweat, but I felt incredible! The next day my feet are good, my quads are good. My right calf is a little tight so I'll need to roll it. I was pouring sweat so I was wet the whole time and my thighs chafed a little as a result, but with body glide, that, too, is easily managed.

What a great great run!

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