Thursday, July 20, 2017


I love summer, I love all the sunlight, I love that it's light out past 9pm. The only thing I don't actually like is the heat. I've been trying to run through it and toughen up myself. This week, however, has been oppressive. Wednesday had a heat index of 100+, Thursday's forecast was over 90 with crazy humidity. The next week doesn't look any better.

*Could* I run through it? Sure, I could also run at 4am, or I could always run at midnight. Just because I physically CAN do something doesn't mean I SHOULD. Biking works in an emergency but it's not a valid substitute for 7-14 days of training if I'm injury free.

So I called up Planet Fitness to ask about their very short term options. They're not great and I don't want to provide them my bank numbers to automatically debit the dues every month. I don't want to pay their $39 "member fees" on September 1st either. Theoretically it'll be cooler and less humid then anyway. I asked about signing up then immediately canceling, therefore giving myself a 5-6 week membership. That was certainly an option, but...

"I don't actually have a checking account," I said. "Can I pay cash?"

"We have a one month prepay option," Colleen said. Why did they not offer me this in February???? It's a lot more than their $10 a month advertised rates, but it works for me. So I signed up on Wednesday for 30 days and had a glorious run.

It was tempo Wednesday. I did 4 miles at tempo then kicked it up every 0.15 of the last mile. The incline ranged from 1.0 to 2.5. Then as I was leaving, Colleen pointed out the six treadmills that are set to "marathon mode" and have NO auto shutoff function for massive 60, 90+ minute runs. Awesome :)

I can't think of anything more stereotypically American than paying money to run in the air conditioning...

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