Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The waiting game

It's very humid, but not nearly as hot as forecasted and there's a nice breeze. There's also a huge storm north of Ann Arbor. I had time to run after work, if I ran directly from work and didn't come home first, but I don't eat much for breakfast so I wasn't fueled up for 7 miles. I'm stuck in a holding pattern. Waiting for the water department to fix the main break so I can use the restroom, waiting for the storm to pass, waiting waiting.

Several hours later, there is a fire hydrant two houses down that's gushing water. The department of water is still "working." Thank goodness Sears has clean toilets... Radar looks mostly clear, time to run. As long as there's no lightning, I'm good. A light rain feels better than 97% humidity anyway.

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